“I don’t believe in art, I believe in artists.”
— Marcel Duchamp

“Art does not transform anything, it does not change the world, it does not change reality. What truly transforms the artist, while evolving, transforming and completing his languages, is himself. And it is this man, transformed by art, who can, from life, transform reality.”
— Jorge Oteiza
Our existence depends on our ability to interact with the environment and transform reality.

We are constantly transforming reality with our actions, directly or indirectly influencing everything surrounding us, while our environment, part of that same shared reality, influences each and every one of our behaviors.

My practice investigates and intervenes in this constant flow of influences, in an effort to make sense of my private reality.

The result is nothing more than the capture of an internal process, an opportunity to share and participate in those stories dedicated to establishing new patterns of behavior, based on commitment, responsibility, and respect for everything that exists.