We are information processing machines, living in the digital age.

In computing, the basic unit of information is the bit, a binary digit that represents a logical state. True or false, one or zero, yes or no, black or white, on or off, positive or negative.

Only by arranging ones and zeros we can create extremely complex systems that allow us to expand our capacity to process information, and consequently, radically modify our way of understanding and relating to reality.
The first part of the performance consists of coding a black and white image, capturing the color of each pixel with a voice recorder.

The second part tries to decode the recorded message into black and white dots painted on a canvas.

The tempo established at the moment of coding, sets the rhythm of the decoding for the white color, forcing to keep a sustained attention, exhausting, that easily evokes the error, visible in the final result.


23/07/2020 → 24/07/2020 encoding
26/07/2020 decoding

Duration of the performance

5 hours 12 minutes encoding
5 hours 12 minutes decoding (white)
3 hours 40 minutes decoding (black)
~14 hours in total

Dimensions and medium

100 x 146 pixels input
50 x 73 cm acrylic on canvas output

Sale price

438€ + shipping

— Cost calculation: 0.01€/pixel x 3 (encoding + decoding white + black)
— Available by direct request to the artist

More material

Photo gallery.
Full instructions.